Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Virginia Slims

Well folks we're writing two blogs in the same day due to the fact that our flea bag hotel didn't have Internet last night. Did Greg describe it to you? All I'm going to say is that there was a hole in the bathroom floor and Greg wore his flip flops in the shower. That's right, our first flip flop shower and it's in New Jersey!

An early start this morning as it wasn't cold and we didn't feel like hanging out in the flea bag hotel room for longer than we needed to.
We were all packed up and on the road at ten to eight. Greg will want me to mention at this point that he checked the oil level and noticed that we had none so first thing we drove around the lazy town of Hightstown looking for a gas station. None found but we did find a garage where they filled up a very small jug of oil for us for $2. Crisis averted. He will also want me to mention that we stopped at a Harley Davidson dealership and bought some expensive Harley Davidson oil for our klr 650. He made me take a picture of him there.

From New Jersey we roamed around a bit looking for the right highway because we were actually supposed to take the I81 yesterday after we left NYC which we didn't do. So we had to cut it west towards Pennsylvania. We eventually found the correct highway which happened to be a state turnpike and ended up costing us $10.95 in tolls! It's expensive to drive in Pennsylvania. Oh and don't bother joking with the dudes who work in the toll booths. They don't have a sense of humor. Greg tried it.

It didn't really rain all day but we were pretty wet due to the wet roads and the giant transports constantly passing us. We navigated our way through Pennsylvania and into Maryland and then West Virginia and finally Virginia! Then, all of a sudden it was summer! The clouds parted and the sun was shining! Off came the rain gear (which I thank my mom for making me buy 2 days before we left) and on went the sunglasses! Did it ever feel good! So here we are at the Days Inn at truck stop central in somewhere near Stuarts Draft Virginia. tomorrow...Tennessee here we come!


  1. hey amigos, espero que esten bien en su viaje.
    Les escribo en espanol para que comiensen a familiarizarse con el idioma espanol.
    Escribanme si es que ustedes necesitan algun ayuda sobre palabras en espanol.

    Un gran abrazo y mucha suerte.


  2. Oh shit you guys make me laugh!! If I have to work for the next 3 mos without you Julie at least you can amuse me fro afar!