Friday, November 27, 2009

Belize on the horizon

Nov. 27, 2009
Day 16
trip: 500km

Today was a long and boring ride along the straightest road we have ever driven through a forest. We passed through the states of Chiapas, Tobasco, Campeche and Quinta Roo, cutting across the bottom of the Yucatan Peninsula. We ended up in a small town called Calderitas on the Caribean Coast very close to the city of Chetumal.

We will be preparing our documents for our third border crossing tomorrow which will involve clearing the bike and ourselves from Mexico and then signing the bike into Belize. Belize is a tiny little country with lots to offer. We hope to do some snorkling at some of the best coral reef aside from Austraila, and tour some of Belize's famous Cayes (caves), as well as see some more ancient Mayan ruins.

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  1. Awesome photos with this post guys...Oooh I'm jealous! Have fun In Belize!