Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 11 Veracruz Mexico

We left our seaside room and closed the door on the friendly little geckos and rolled out of Tuxpan by 8:00. After paying the toll road fee we immediately got lost, we did not panic however as we were heading in a southern direction. This route lead us through numerous small villages in the mountains which seemed to be supported by the orange/clementine/grapefruit growing industry. We were off track but we weren't really lost, as it ended up we drove a 100km on a secondary road.
Upon entering and exiting every tiny town there are a series of speed bumps called topas. Generally there is a sign that gives 150m warning, but occasionally, that sign is overgrown with trees and is missed by Greg. On one such occasion we drove over 3 topas at 95km/hr. On the heavily loaded bike this actually provided a smoother ride in comparison to traveling over them at a slower speed.
The topography of the orange growing region looks like ripply waves as wind sweeps across a calm lake. There are orange tree orchards on slopes facing every direction which makes for a very scenic landscape of green and orange. Just outside of Veracruz we stopped by a street side vender to sample the local fruits, best clementines we've ever eaten! and only for 2 pesos.

We entered the old town of Veracruz and found a hotel overlooking the Golf of Mexico. Despite the overcast weather we walked down to the beach/waterfront in our shorts and flip flops for a cerveza. As we were sitting at a table with the water lapping our toes we were approached by two men, one with a guitar, the other with an accordian who sang at the top of their lungs and played their hearts out for Greg and me.

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  1. How romantical. Glad to hear from you guys....starting to wonder how the cross to Mexico went. Thought of you guys this AM as I scraped my windsheild.....enjoy the heat!