Thursday, November 12, 2009

Radar Reckoning

We're in America!

We crossed the border with little problems what so ever. The border guard was very inquisitive asking me where I was going and the purpose of my stay in the US. I replied that I was motorcycling to Mexico and would be returning sometime in March. He started grinning and straight up asked me how much money I had on me right then and there. The next question was how much money I had in the bank. I answered the questions truthfully and then whamo...he asked what my license plate number was........I was lost for words and couldn't remember. Anyhow he looked and and continued on with questioning. At this point I realised he was asking personal interest questions and being talkative. He wished us good luck and we continued onward.

Crossing at Calais we rode the airline to Portland Maine and grabbed a room at the travelers lodge $ 50.00 bucks. We've been scared ever since turning on the TV and being advised of the "ATLANTIC ASSAULT" Houses are being swept into the ocean all along the coast and heavy rains are expected as hurricane Ida makes land fall in Virginia.

Oh well, I looked on "" and checked out the radar satellite and have determined that the periphery of the storm stretches to New York and we can cut west by 200 miles and avoid the weather. Modern technology is awesome.

The bike is running fine and has 300 km to go before the new rings I installed are fully broken in. I have to make an adjustment to the headlight angle as the added weight has the high beam pointing to the sky. Other than that the ole gal seems to be running fine.


  1. Have a WONDERFUL trip & go SAFELY!!!

  2. Hey guys! We are just reading your blog here on good ol'6600. Laughing out loud at Greg's narrative! Greg you are such a geek. I love it! Jules.....I have gossip for you already! It will take forever to catch you up on 3 mos worth! Can't wait for you to come back already. Have fun and don't get swept out to sea!