Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Texas Toast (Day 7)

Trip ~ 300km

Fuel: 5 gallons At $ 2.75/gal
Hotel: $55

Food: $36

5 litres of 20W50 :$70

Tires: $ 180

Mexican insurance: $ 198

Helmet: XXX ( we won't talk about that one it'll cut my trip short by a fort night)
Total: Way too much to talk about

We made a short ride from Just west of Houston Tx over to San Antonio. I had big plans for today.....Tires, Chain & sprockets, oil change, Mexican insurance, pick up octane boost and a few other odds and ends.
Luckily San Antonio is pretty easy to navigate...or else I've been just lucky! We headed over to Cycle Rider to get all of our motorcycle needs fulfilled. I was certain that San Antonio would have tires in stock, but alas every store here keeps a basic inventory and deals with overnight shipping meaning that we'll get our tires tomorrow and have them mounted.

San Antonio has to be the friendliest big city that I've been to! It rivals the likes of Calgary the difference being that the average age here probably isn't as young as Calgary's avg of 33 yrs of age.

Julie and I decided that we'd head over to "Motorcycle Tire Shop" There we met Dan "Pork Chop" We were yaking away following a brief conversation about his absence of tires in his shop when I noticed an item on his shelf that was on my "to do list". I asked if I could do an oil change and I bought 5 litres of synthetic oil from him. He went out back, got me a drain pan and offered me tools and came outside and talked about oil, gas, and motorcycle maintenance & repair. Dan was awesome! He helped me out alot and he was a really cool genuine biker himself!

From the "Motorcycle Tire Shop" we drove all over hells half acre looking for another bike shop to purchase a visor as mine was taped closed due to broken parts from excessive wear over the years. We happened upon Moto Liberty. I was tired of waiting at 5 minute long lights in rush hour traffic, so when I blew by it on a one way road I pulled over, and then proceeded to drive in the ditch the wrong way up the service highway until we got to their store parking lot.

Nathan & Chad were very helpful and very knowledgeable about helmets and fitting. They had a wide range of riding gear and I had a good time trying on several helmets until I found the perfect one.

The fellows from Moto Liberty pointed us over to Cafe Alamo for Mexican. Due to my Quesidilla induced border line scurvy I balked on the quesidillas and opted for Faijhitas (excuse my Spanish) It was really good.

Perhaps tomorrow we'll make it to Corpus Christi and meet another fellow named Chuck Weaver who also rode his BMW down through Central and South America. Then we'll head for the border and see what lies beyond.


  1. I don't think I am going to last 3 mos.....
    Glad to see Greg is on a first name basis with all the friendly Texan biker men. I must admit I am enjoying reading about your epic journey!

  2. Hello, I am like Andrea, I don't think I am going to last either, where are you, I have looking for you......and am enjoying this a lot.