Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Orleans is Sink'in man

Gas : 14 gallons @ 2.55/Gal
trip: 900 km
hotel: $85 + $14 secure parking = $99
food: lunch $8.00
: Supper $ 63.00
Out in Orleans: $ 30.00
Total: $ 234.00

We left Tennessee this morning at 08:30 this morning and pointed ourselves south. It was chilly and I was happy that I didn't act on my prior thoughts of taking my heated jacket off. We were headed through Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and finally New Orleans Louisiana.
I managed to navigate ourselves to within walking distance of the famed Bourbon Street but I have no Idea how to get away from here after tonight.

Julie and I decided that we were in need of some good Cajun food and headed down Bourbon Street to "Oceania". Julie had some Blackened Catfish and I had some Ahi Tuna and Cajun BBQ shrimp along with some local ale.

After dinner we headed back toward our luxury hotel compared to the $40 dollar econo -Lodge and dropped off my doggie bag from dinner. Along the way home a fellow named "Justen" accompanied us asking me if I needed my hair cut. Apparently he gave great hair cuts! He learned barbering in jail!. I asked him what he went to jail for and he replied that he went to jail for possession of an unregistered hand gun. ( Apparently the gun was bought off the street and had a record with its characteristic shell cases) He said that he was on the good road to recovery from crime and only needed a couple of bucks for the night. I saw the liquor bottle in his back pocket and went along with his story and bored him to death with welding terminology and he eventually walked off.

After dropping off the doggie bag from supper at Oceania back at the hotel, Julie and I headed back to Bourbon street to catch some blues and some jazz. It was pretty awesome. Every other place had a live band playing .....and this was on a Monday night!
We decided to call it an evening after discovering that sitting was not really that relaxing after a long day riding on a motorcycle for 900km. We sauntered back to the hotel along with another fellow going our way talking with his southern drawl about the price of the latest "Nike Air Force One" and how over priced it is on Bourbon street compared to the Mall.

All in all it was an epic day in every way. I can't wait until morning to see what this place looks like in the daylight as we rode in under the cover of darkness into the city of neon and lights.
Perhaps we'll get up early and stroll around before check out time and the long drive across Texas tomorrow.

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