Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quesidilla Countdown

Gas: 12 gallons @2.50/gallon

Food: 15 bucks

lodging: 40 bucks

Today's total 85 bucks

Total Km ~650km

We awoke in Stuarts Draft Virginia this morning to a bright shining sun. Right away we pulled into a fuel station to fill up. I had no idea that a Zip Code is required to purchase fuel at most highway side gas stops. Alas we pulled out of there and into a smaller town where they accept good ole cash with no identification required.

As we headed out Julie pointed out a hot air balloonist soaring above the Blue Ridge Mountains. We took a minute to look, and then began our southbound travel. We were descending, and I saw in the valley below, what is known as a temperature inversion. We pierced into a cloud and began getting soaking wet as the saturated wet air from fog penetrated our riding gear.

I looked at the map and saw a road heading east and turned at the up coming exit toward the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway. Here we ascended far above the clouds and looked down at the valley below submerged in clouds from the several peaks along the way to Roanoke Virginia where we could reconnect onto the major highway I-81 again.

From then on it was hard core motoring along with thousands of transport trucks. The oncoming highway was at a stand still due to an accident that shut off 1 of the 3 lanes of traffic. After a few minutes I decided to clock the KM's and see how far the traffic jam would go on for. To my supirse it was nearly 13km of built up bumper to bumper gridlock.

We finally decided to call it a day in the Town of Cleveland Tennessee. As promised I headed out in search of an authentic quesidilla. I happened upon "Las Margaritas" I went in and ordered a Chicken Quesidilla to go. I was excited because the people there said audious when I left. I knew this was already a good quesidilla. I opened the bag and looked in and dissected the contents to get a feel about what I was about to eat. Just then....Julie dove in and sliced apart the perfectly folded and presented dish and began scarfing it down telling me that it wasn't as good as the last place. Well I took no notice and just looking at the chicken...... ragged big bits of what looked like baked chicken ...rather than thinly sliced chicken breast... I knew it was going to be good.

I'd say that it was the best so far. 5 bucks and authentic..can't beat it

If we make it to Louisiana tomorrow I'll try Crawdads instead of quesidillas but stay tuned for the final tally of the quesidilla quest.

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