Saturday, July 3, 2010

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Sand sculptures and other displays of art was common on the sea wall in Puerto Vallarta.
Two dudes from the last supper.
A back drop to a theatre stage over looking the bay.

From Puerto Vallarta looking north west to the next town over, Marina Acros. I saw the HMCS Edmonton, HMCS Whitehorse and another frigit here in the bay visiting from Canada, Hrmmmm, Maybe I should join the Navy!!

Brass statues dot the sea wall creating a certain ambience to any walk.

Welcome to Puerto Vallarta, its quite a place to party if you have the energy!!!!!

A touristy beach front which has everything from fine restaurants to nick nack shops and cheap tattoo's apparently, this, according to a 60 something year old American woman who told me she had 12 hours booked for the following day.

The 400km ride up the coast sort of looked alot like this shot which is the reason 400km took me the better part of 10 hours to get to Puerto Vallarta.

From Playa Azul to Puerto Vallarta, the climate changed from Banana plantations to aird dry looking decidious forest.

These beautiful red blossoming trees dot the landscape, here with the mountains and agave plants it was just to much to pass by without a photo.

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