Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gawd bless Emerica

The fellas, Cycle rider San Antonio, Texas. I could'nt have found a better bunch of guys to help me out. Left to Right: Will, Murray, Skip, Brian, Bruce, Gary, & me.
The roads went from single lane where everyone shared the road to, everyone gets their own lane. The poor KLR had to work hard just to keep pace with the traffic that now goes above and beyond the top speed of the tired horse that I ride.

This is apparently the face of Lincoln, have a carefull look and you might pick him out.

I just had to stop for the Pronghorn, They are a beautiful antelope native to the grasslands.

Gary invited me to stay at his family's house for the night and he took me out for some genuine San Antonio BBQ eats. It was a great night and I was so happy to hangout, shoot some pool, as well as, shoot the breeze with my new friend from Cycle rider.

My final tire change of the trip. The fellows from Cycle Rider in San Antonio, Texas stored my highway tires for 8 months and then helped me remount them lickity split first thing in the morning at about 730am. Although all the work was done early, Will took me out for breakfast which fueled me for the big ride into New Orleans some 900km down the road through lightening storms and pouring rain until 10pm. Luckily Brasil conditioned me for such conditions and it was a piece of cake.

Somewhere under the rainbow was the destination of the day. Although the rainbows were beautiful I knew that they only indicated that I'd be putting on my rain gear momentarily.

The land of the brave, just one more border to cross making it my 36th border crossing. I was nervous, but, the border guard was really cool and professional and let me pass into Texas with no delay. Good bye Mexico, and the adventures within.

The last few hundred Km's before the USA border were through arid desert and the landscape was a diverse mix of flat lands, canyons, and sierras.

The Canyons were deep and huge and I wondered how they were formed. Not long afterward however, the rains came down heavy and explained everything.


  1. Hey Greg...
    What amazing trip brother. haha!
    I heard your interview.. wow man Denge fiber, that´s not good Are you OK Now?
    I´m in Chile bro, I finished GIS course, now I´m looking for a job in here.
    I hope you´re OK man. I´m really glad for your awesome adventure in your motorbike.

  2. Glad to see you made it safely into USA. Safe travels. Keep the posts coming!