Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tooling around Cartegena, Colombia

The newer part of Cartegena form a little inlet bay

White egrets roosting in a mangrove tree.
The Cartegena fortress wall from the land side.

The typical way to get your daily fresh fruit around these parts.

Grant, Michelle and I rented bikes and headed out around the town to explore at a quicker pace. Its neat how backpackers from other towns are popping up just when you thought you'd never see them again.

It has become apparent that Grant and I have completely missed the boat. Every boat that could possibly take us is berthed over in Panama trying to gather up sparse customers for a voyage back to Cartegena. We've resorted to coaxing Captains back by offering a higher than normal price and we have two Captains on the line nibbling at the bait.

Captain #1 is named Leonardo, he is a former quantum Physicist who worked at CERN on the European particle accelerator project. He's a tiny man in his 60's with a fiery personality and young wife who's local to the area and expecting a baby any day now. If he likes you, you're in the good books forever otherwise, you might as well burn in hell.

Captain #2 is named Fritz, He loves to make money more than he likes to create happy memories and return customers. He's a German in his 50's who seems to make money his priority over boat maintenance and customer comforts and who doesn't seem to enjoy the yachting experience apparently.

Both men have been plying these Caribbean waters between Cartegena and Panama for several years and have always arrived safely at their destinations. All the other boats at this time which are loading passengers are smaller boats and unable to accomidate our motorbikes.

Alas, we are in a waiting game and beginning to partake in creative little activities like going to a sticker shop and having a local man handcraft all 18 national flags for the countries that I have passed through. Hopefully we can get out of here soon as I'm running out of creative ideas.

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  1. good to see Gregorious Greg, up and at em. Did you get any scars from the dengue? Also, I'd definitly go with Captain #1.