Thursday, June 3, 2010

Calm Waters

Grant Else ( my Canadian friend from Vancouver who helped me escape Turbo when I thought I'd all but bitten the dust
Frenando, My sticker Builder and owner of the shop that fabricated all my custom hand made National Flag stickers

One of the fellows hard at work on Nicaragua.

The Proud complete set just before I stuck them all over my panniers

Grant and I have been semi-successful at coaxing the Physicist, Leonardo from Italy back to Cartegena. In the morning we expect Leonardo's verdict of whether or not he will come for us now that we offered a larger quantity of cash than he normally charges. You see, Captains like to ship motorcycles (if their boat is big enough to ship them) because they can charge the motorcycles out for the same price as a person and still fill up the boat with passengers if they choose to do so.
Alas, our days have been a mix-up of reading, walking, eating and coming up with small tasks to do in order to occupy the day. For instance, the excitement today was all about getting hand made National Flag stickers to stick onto the bike's panniers. It was cool watching the guy cut out details in the stickers and over lay colors making near replicas of country flags. Yesterday was all about getting fake drivers licences done, and tomorrow will be a project which involves getting business cards made so I don't have to scribble down e-mails and website details on old reciepts or scraps of paper for people that want to keep in contact.
Grant has taken things one step further and semi-convinced me to tag along and partake in Salsa dance lessons while I'm in the City of Salsa! I took a peak into the studio and I'm not convinced that dancing with petite brown girls with pronounced busts is all what its cracked up to be but I'll try anything once!
For now I'm enjoying my new cans of raid and killing mosquito's that hover near the entrance to my room while listening to the constant blairing of Colombian/Cuban music all day and all evening.

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  1. Hey, thanks for checking out my blog, I appreciate the kind words.

    I am enjoying your adventure, it's incredible. Thanks for keeping the posts coming.

    Westside View
    (And no dengue fever on the west side!)