Monday, June 7, 2010

Cartegena in the Moon light, Colombia.

One of the most prominently light towers in the old town. It has beautiful detail and a brilliant glow among the sillouette of near by colonial buildings.
Corral pillars hold up the roof of this Cathedral which opens its mighty wood doors in the evening for tourists and locals alike.

If its not cobbled or connecting stone then its tiled. Everywhere in Cartegena you'll find beautiful stone work or stone work that uses extinct corral to create buildings with intricate natural patterns in the brick work.

The Clock tower and behind it the slave trading square where today traditional african dancing takes place to the sound of drums and shakers.

The green light district where the drug dealers have realized the value of a man hug.

It has gotten to the point that the drug dealers no longer befriend Grant and I as we walk along the streets to our proposed destination. Their token line is "hey my friend, I got it, don't hesitate, I'm de boss here, What do you need? I've grown sick of the line and simply reply that I need a hug and elude their out reaching hand and move in for a big hug. This takes the drug dealer off guard completely and we both stand in the street hugging while he squirms to get away. Its actually quite effective and for the past three days I've made a name for myself and no longer get pestered by smooth talking drug lords that rule the street. Remember the line back in the early 90's ..."Hugs not Drugs"? Well its certainly true and I've tested it against dealers of Cocaine, weed, and everything else in between.

Grant and I have taken advantage of the Latino homophobia and now stroll freely along the narrow streets after dark which has yeilded some grand night time photographic opportunites. I unfortunately don't have the equipment (tripod) or skill level to take advantage of the lighting and framing but I try nonetheless, with such beautiful architecture its hard to make a shot that looks crappy.

No news from Leonardo as to his where abouts yet. Alas, on our end it was only wishful anticipation. Realistically we know that the likely departure date will be either tomorrow or the morning afterward. The bikes are ready and its just a waiting game from now.
Last night Grant and I were walking along the street and I happened to look into a bar that was serving mohito's in a tall glass with ice. (Mohito's are drinks with fresh crushed mint leaves with gingerale/ soda water, white rum, and sugar.) I suggested that we stop in for a refreshing drink. Grant hesitated for a moment and I realised this. I suggested a second option that we return to the hostal, drink a Coca Cola, and play with the new baby kittens that are about 3.5 weeks old and who are tumbling around and playful now. It was agreed that the Kitties were the more entertaining option, and bypass the drinking establishment we did. Its obvious that we've exhausted all that Cartegena has to offer and the road and the boat are calling our weary souls.

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