Tuesday, December 15, 2009

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Dec. 15, 2009
Hostel: $20 Us/night
Food $ 20 US/day
Exchange rate: 20 colons/ US dollar

We left Granada last Sunday and drove the 100km or so to the Pacific coast surf town of San Juan del Sur. It was to be our last quick stop before hitting the Costa Rica border, we just had to hit the beach after the swealtering heat of the city.

Since we arrived in town around noon and not a half an hour before sunset, we had time to wander around town looking for the perfect place to stay. After asking at a few hotels along the main street down by the beach we decided to check out some of the hostels. We've tried to find a hostel in the past but have had poor luck due to having to have secure parking for the bike. This time we happened upon Hostel Esperanza, they had internet, a private room and secure parking! Score! We settled in and proptly went to the beach for a swim in the waves.

After spending the afternoon wandering the beach we decided that we had to spend a couple of days in this town. Greg got down to business doing some bike maintenance and I got down to business reading my book while lounging in a hammock.

Because Greg still had a sore rib from surfing in El Salvador and he had the bike apart in pieces in the hostel lobby checking valve clearance, we decided last night that we would stay a third day. This morning when we got up we had a very pleasant surprise. As it turns out today is the one year anniversary of the opening of the hostel and a sign was out front that read all guests were invited to stay tonight for FREE!

Tomorrow morning we will leave for the Costa Rica border. After relaxing on the beach for a few days it will be nice to get back on the bike.

Greg wants me to mention that he eats icecream every single day.


  1. So nice to read about you lounging on a hot lovely beach.....it's currently -15 with a windchill of -30. Missed you at book club!

  2. PS.....Greg, Love the Alpine hat!!

  3. So jealous of you in that hammock Julie!!!! It's so cold here tonight I think I froze my boobies through my winter coat!!!! Can you bring some hot sunshine home with you in Feb? :D