Saturday, December 19, 2009

Monkey Business

We arrived in Montezuma Costa Rica only a short 20km ride south from Playa Tambor. Just before arriving to town I stopped at a gas station to top up and saw that they sold motorcycle oil. I asked the attendants if they had a drain bucket and they handed one over. I went to work immediately and had the oilchange done lickity split.
The ride to Montezuma followed dirt road followed by pothole pavement and down a very steep decent into town. The second we arrived a fellow named Trevor who we heard about came walking up to us and introduced himself and showed us the way to a good hostel. We have been following his path for a few days and finally caught up to him here. Trevor is also riding a KLR 650 on his ride to Panama.
Julie and I walked down a beautiful beach with silk soft sand, it was truely amazing. We had our hostel key stored in the camera bag and along the way it fell out into the sand and was lost. Of course we didn't realize this until we got back to the hostel where we were informed that there was a $10 dollar fee for lost keys. I whined a bit and the kid handed over a key since I tried to explain that I knew where the key was and that I'd get it in the morning.

With this grace period we headed down the super dark beach toward a fancy hotel resturant where we has stopped for cocktails earlier in the day. I was certain that we left the key right on the bar. Alas we arrived and there was no key to be found. We did however meet a couple of guys having a bonfire on the beach named T.J. and "Nada Anonymous". Nada refused to believe that we rode here by motorcycle and got increasingly paranoid to the point that Julie and I had become secret service police officers ready to abduct him at any moment. The poor guy had some problems and told us that he had problem's that no one could understand. The fellows were in their 50's and living right on the beach. Nada had been there living in his tent for the past 6 years. He was from Niagra falls and had only been to NB once in his life and had gotten lost there for 2 weeks following a muchroom picking excursion.

We headed back to the hostel and called it a night. I planned to head to the nearest town to here to get a key cut. In the morning I took off and managed to navigate my way through town and right into the back door of a hardware shop. The kid working there cut a new key from the spare while I moseyed along through the aisles. I realized after a few minutes that I was behind the desk for staff only but no one cared so I rooted through all the tools and walked out with a new key and some spare sockets for a grand total of $7 dollars of which the key cost $1.50.
I rounded up Julie upon my return and we headed over to a wild life sanctuary where they found or recieved injured or sick animals and helped them recover with plans to release them once they were healed. It was an adventure just to ride there along the goat path of a road. Finally we found the place. We let ourselves in the gate and immediately found ourself mesmorized by a one armed monkey named Tarzan. He was a Capruchaun monkey and he reached his hand out and we shook it. His hands were soft and he was very excited to see us, jumping around and swinging like Tarzan.
As we made our way around we were greeted by this guy with dreds who introduced us to all the animals and let us in with them or took them out. There were Porcupines, Toucans, Parrots, Monkey's, Turtles, Kinkachu's and more.

I walked over to a cage with three tiny crying baby monkeys. The next thing I knew Julie was right there with the guy letting the babies crawl right onto her and curl up onto the nape of her neck with their little tails wrapped around her throat. It was pretty cute and the babies stopped crying. We continued onward to the anteaters with the babies on our shoulders until it was time to say goodbye.

We finally took a little break on the beach in front of our hostel and watched the pelican's dive into the ocean just 20 feet from shore. The local fisherman lined up in the surf and tossed baited hooks into the surf and pulled in red & Yellow finned Snapper. The sight of the fish worked up an appetite so we headed out to a great restaurant called "El Sano Banano" We ordered Tuna steak and Mahi Mahi. It was a dish worth raving about and a great way to settle out the day. Just before heading out however we were informed that the restaurant doubled as a cinema. We spun our chairs around with the best seats in the house to watch the debut "Public Enemies" with Johnny Depp. We'll give our ratings tomorrow.


  1. We haven't checked in with you guys in so long! I think we're having a night of Central America Special ahead of us tonight!
    Hope you're well and enjoy the sun.
    We're good, Steve's working on baby's crib still and I'm working on getting round ;-) finally feel pregnant/uncomfortablER. not bad yet though!!!
    Love, Birte

  2. Just think of how great a real mommy Julie is going to be if she can get baby monkeys to stop crying!!!! and I just love the pic with the monkeys on your shoulder Julie too cute!!!

  3. We think we might have met "Nada Anonymous" at a bonfire at a beach in New Zealand in 2002. Then, he called himself "captain Nads" and sounds equally crrrrraaaazy!!!

  4. I thought the same thing as Melissa.....babies in the near future?????