Friday, December 18, 2009

Sun Of A Beach (Tambor - Costa Rica)

Mermaid foot print Playa Tambor
Kayaking in a small estuary with Bruce and Francis with Seascape Kayak Tours (Deer Island NB & Tambor Costa Rica)

Lizard called :Basilisk": They're the ones that can run across water...."Natures Crusadors"

Yellow Globe Spider: It was about 3" long from out stretched legs, 1 1/4" thorax
Dec 17 2009
Day 36
Tambor Costa Rica
We were up with the roosters and the 2-stroke motorbikes at the crack of dawn this morning. Following a feed of pancakes and fresh fruit Julie grabbed her book and I headed to the dirt driveway to work on the bike wearing my carhartt's and boots to brave the humidity and heat of the early morning.
After sweating out a litre it was finally beer O'clock. I bought 3 beer from the corner store and by the time I walked the 2 minutes back to the bike the beer was warm as urine, so.... I was forced to chug two of them so they wouldn't be wasted.
After I got the bike put back together and came to the consensus that I had no idea what the problem was and where the oil was coming from it was time to go Sea Kayaking. We met up with Bruce Smith and Francis who took us out into an Esturary where we saw many birds and reptiles. We saw a large iguana, a lizard that can run across water called a Basilisk and lots of little lizards. We also saw an Osprey eating a freshly caught fish, a Kingfisher, Egrets, Terns, laughing gulls and several other species. The evening Kayak was an excellent adventure to view different species in thieir natural habitat.
The paddle worked up an appetite and the four of us headed to a local woman's beachfront restaurant. The food there was excellent and we enjoyed smoothie like drinks made with fresh fruit. Julie had the papaya and I tried the guanabina as per Bruce's suggestion.
We called it an early evening after getting rid of all the bugs in our room which flew in through the open window. You see, we have two choices.... sweat to death...or open the window. The bugs never bite me and always enjoy dining on julie so I'm ok with the bugs.
We're heading to Montazuma and perhaps a wildlife sanctuary in that direction. Apparently its a challenging ride from here to there. My rib is killing me and I've come to the consensus that I may have actually fractured it so the ride should be interesting. It doesn't bug me that much, only that I can't take a deep breath....I miss that luxury.
Christmas is closing in fast here. Within the next few days, lasting well into the second week of January, everything will come to a standstill. This means that we may be delayed for 3 weeks between here and Panama rather than getting into South America. We still plan on trying to head to Panama after boxing day but I was told by a few people that Dec 23-Jan 8 is a complete write off.
We need to get a rear tire in San Jose Costa Rica and we will strap it to the bike before installing it just before the ride through Ecuador. We're almost packed up and ready to roll over to a new beach...see you there.

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