Friday, August 20, 2010

Welcome to Toques On Moto

Ripping up Deals Gap on the way home through North Carolina, (
Navigating the pot holes from Manaus to Boa Vista in Brasil on my way out of the Amazon.
Hundreds of crabs on the beach where I was swimming in a sand dune park called Lencois in Northern Easten Brasil.
The Torres in Chile at 630am from the far side of the lake.
Llama's grazing the plains on our way to Uyuni, Bolivia.
Heading to Igazu Falls up Ruta 14 in Argentina from Buenas Aires.
I finally made it to the End of the World after 3.5 months on March 1st 2010.
Julie and I standing on the Salt Flats in Uyuni, Bolivia.
El Calafate, in Argentina after visiting the Moreno Glacier where I pitched my tent in a field for the night.
A Guanaco atop a hill as I was passing through the Torres del Payne National Park in Chile.
Just south of Santiago, Chile, these group of young fellows were totally stoked to get their picture taken on their day at the beach.
Just off the PanAmerica in Peru just south of Lima, Julie and I pulled off into the desert for some adventure. Over confident in the traction we almost burried ourselves in the sand a considerable distance from the road, but, luckily we walked the bike and pushed hard until we got onto firmer ground.
Young kids we met in Guatemala just north east of Lago Atitlan who lived up on a mountain side and who were also expert kite fliers.
Julie and I getting a shot together as we just crossed into Guatemala from Belize.
Mexico, visiting Palenque a beautifully restored ruin site.

Welcome to Toquesonmoto,

Here you are welcome to browse through 8.5 months of motorcycle adventure over 61,000km through the eastern states of the USA, Central America and South America through 17 countries and 38 border crossings. For the initial 3 months and 20,000km Julie was my trusty co-pilot and navigator who read and researched the path to follow. I was solely responsible for handling the machine and bike maintenance. The adventure was so interesting and stimulating that although we were together 24 hours a day for 90 days we only quarreled once because Julie was too hot in the baking 43 degree C desert. She couldn't decide whether or not she wanted a day-old plastic wrapped cheese sandwich at the gas station or get back on the bike and head to an air conditioned restaurant further down the road which meant being subjected to the baking hot and dry wind. It was a sad day on February 14th 2010 when Julie had to leave me in Santiago, Chile. I was now alone, scared, but determined to continue on, to fulfill a dream, and ride onward to the End of the World. It took me a further 5.5 months to circumnavigate South America where I worked on a sheep farm in Argentina, I learned Portugese in Brazil, learned to SCUBA dive in Colombia & contracted Dengue Fever, Got held at gun point and had a machette held over me by a masked Bandito in Guatemala, and sailed through the waters of the San Blas Islands along the Darrien Gap with a nutty professor from Italy in Panamanian waters. We did our best to detail the entire trip from our opinion and point of view so read along and enjoy the trip through our eyes and experiences.

All the best, and happy riding,

Julie and Greg.

Copy Right. 2009-2011, Toquesonmoto, All rights Reserved.


  1. Greg,

    Thanks for posting your prologue. Keep in touch


  2. Hey Greg,

    Sounds like you had a great trip. I really enjoyed reading your posts along the way. Good to hear your still cycling as well!


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