Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shelling Out the Last Minute Details. Belem, Brasil

Today I spent the better part of the day touring around the city tieing up a few loose ends. I needed to pick up some bed sheets for the boat, a Hammock, Sunscreen, rope to tie up my hammock on board the boat, Toilet paper, etc. I also paid a visit to the Venezuelan consulate today to enquire about a "Tourist Entry Card" and also investigate a rumor that I might need a visa. Neither were required and they ensured me that I'd have no problem with the border crossing. Tomorrow I will pick up water and snacks before the boat leaves and load the bike midmorning. The "Amazon Star" is scheduled to sail at 1800pm so I have a whole day to kill again.
A bunch of grain & different types of flour found down in the markets by the docks. The market was divided into sections selling fruit of all sorts, dried & salted fish, grains and flours, and prepared food. There were hundreds of vendors and the place was bustling. Apparently the site as been an early moring market for more than 360 some odd years beginning back in the late 1600's.

Old buildings dot the entire city and narrow streets lead you through all sorts of adventures around every corner, music is loud, people are everwhere and the air is filled with smells both good & BAD!

I popped into a historical fish market where everymorning at the crack of dawn fishermen return to dock side to off load their nights catch. There were several types of species of fish both large and small at each vendors counter, some looked like catfish and others like carp.

A happy young fellow who sold me some delicious Brazil nuts for 50 cents, hand shelled using a small machetee. In Canada, I don't think kids are allowed to have knives at his age! However, he was fast and skilled at shelling and had me a bag ready in minutes.

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