Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Glimpse at the Gran Sabana, Venezuela

A shot of a waterfall from the highway that was about 1km away and roughly 100 meters wide.
Looking out over an expanse from atop a high ridge. The road was fast and smooth, however, I took it easy so I could look around and take in the scenery.

A Tepuis in the distance. The largest and highest of the Tepuis was shrounded in mist and fog as I passed. I considered staying the night at a small town in order view it in better conditions the next day....but what were the chances it would clear?

Palm trees dot the southern portion of the Gran Sabana. I thought it was kinda strange to see palm trees growing in a grassland as I'm familiar only with grasslands in Canada which are generally habitat to species like Manitobia maple, willow, alder and other such species.

The secret waterfall that my friend Marcio brought me to. It had a nice little swimming pool at the bottom and had an easy access trail leading into the river.

I pulled out of the camping ground at the Waruri River and headed at a medium pace through the curvy and rolling highlands of the Gran Sabana. People from all the world come to the Gran Sabana to hike the hundreds of Tepuis that dot the unique grassland region. The Tepuis are essentially table top mountains that jut upward and are distinct in a green landscape that has been compared to Scotlands highlands.
I had the road pretty much to myself and I read that the highway finished construction back in 1993 and was one of the best highways in the country (no Pot holes or broken asphalt). I was considering stopping in at various waterfalls along the way and perhaps hiking. The thought of hiking seemed like a good idea but for some reason when the turn-off came I simply by passed the road on route to Cuidad Boliviar.

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