Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Turn Around Day

Looking out into the bay in down town Ushuaia
Looking down the street that my hostal was located on

Rio Grande, just before Ushuaia, apparently the trout capital

Ruta 3.....to the end of the world

Light house situated at the ferry crossing that gets you onto Terra del Fuego

I'll be pulling out of Ushuaia after two great days spent just walking around the town and treating myself to seafood. I guess I should'nt be eating the giant king crabs ...but I just had to try one.
The bike is full of fuel, the oil is topped up, street tire on the rear and new drive train. Hopefully the black stallion will see me through the next 18000 km to Columbia before I head back to North America.
I need a visa to enter Brazil and of course I've been doing everything else besides research the way to brazil and also where to go to get my visa in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I'm happy to be getting on the road and I've decided to post a few pics of Ushuaia for anyone whiching to come here and book a trip to Antarctica.


  1. have a great trip up the other side of the "U"!

  2. Greg,

    Congrats on your making it to Ushuaia.

    Did you see the steam railway operating from the edge of Ushuaia town to the Park?

    Finally got a copy of "Old man on a motorcycle". Had to buy it from England via Amazon.ca

    My KLR is in pieces to replace the balancer shaft bearings which have started to fail and knocked out the waterpump seals.