Monday, March 1, 2010

Just one more Day

The end of the road...goes no further
Ship wreck that attracts many photographs

Pampas Geese hanging out on the shore

They did me well, hopefully the replacements will get me home.

They boys on the cruisers headed down as much of Ruta 40 as I did through the mud and snot...they are so much more hard core than me. The fellow on the Strom was Grant Else who rode with me to the end.

I got up at the crack of dawn and headed into the touristy streets in search of a good coffee and breakfast. I returned to the hostal and packed up all my gear. I was planning on heading to the very last Km of Ruta 3 where the road goes no further. Another Canadian accompanied me on his V-Strom 650 and together we made every wrong turn possible in trying to find the correct road to the end of the road. Eventually we found our way despite the lack of signage typical of Central & South America.
Grant and I walked around the end of the road and wandered over to see what was there. Not too much to report other than a tranquil little estuary. We rode back separately and I began pondering if it was worth heading out of Ushuaia now that it was 12 noon. I began thinking that my sprockets that I had on the bike since Texas, they were getting very worn and sharp. I had merly millimeters of adjustment left so I felt it was best to do some wrenching and stay another night. I pulled into a tire changing place and got a guy to change my tire while I used his pneumatic dremmel tool to grind off the pins of the old chain as it was pressed together. I swapped out the sprockets and replaced the X-ring chain after 24,000km for an O-ring type. I felt good that I got some much needed maintenance out of the way, I'm now ready for the turn around.


  1. You made it! Congrats.... not there was ever any doubt. Very glad you avoided the earthquake!

  2. Congratulations!!!
    The pictures of the glacier & in the Parque Nacionale are spectacular!
    We are thankful that you missed the earthquake.
    Hope you have an uneventful, calm trip must be exhausted!