Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Santa Thelma day 2

I got up this moring and had a feed of breakfast. Marc and his two sons stayed with me at the farm and took the women out riding for the better part of the day. I was at the farm all by myself and headed into the barn to check out all the broken equipment that needed to be fixed. The list consisted of: Gasoline generator pullcord spring re-wind and reassembly, dirtbike carburetor and clutch cable cleaning and adjustment as the bike was not operating, and two chainsaws that needed badly sharpened and tuned.

I went to work all day and managed to get the generator up and going which I then used to power the aircompressor. I hauled out my oners manual to figure out how to work on my rear brakes. I pulled the rear caliper off and plucked out all the old seals and lubed all the components hoping that what I did might solve the problem with the brake dragging.
It was on to the dirt bike, a 1995ish dr350 It was a shot in the dark but I pulled ever part of the carb off to look for a problem. All I could see was that there was a diaphram inside that should have been rubber had perforations in it which was allowing too air to pass...or vice versa. Alas, I adjusted the air fuel screw all the way out to let it run very rich........and it worked!Marc was pretty happy and took off on the bike for a test ride while I listened to the bike roar feeling like I actually made a significant contribution to the farm.
At dinner the other guests that were out riding for the days asked if I wanted to join them for a ride in the morning. I knew that the horses were excellently trained and this would be an opportunity of a life time so I agreed. Marc appeared with a .22 calibre rifle and asked if I wanted to accompany him to the field at night to look for the red fox that had been killing his sheep. I could'nt resist the temptation and together we took off into the darkness with my flashlight in the freezing wind and cold. We were walking through waist high scrub brush following the meandering trails between the shrubs when the red eyes of the fox appeared. At once the fox ran away into the darkness and was long gone. We pursued further into the darkness when it began to rain. The wind was blowing hard and the rain was driving directly into our faces so we called off the hunt and the fox lived for another night. I was tired from a long day of milling around and slept for the night.

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  1. Hey George. How is it going....I have seen your pictures, they are really nice.

    Take care buddy.